About Us

Hi, I'm Rissie, the creator of Trove.
It all began with a Rose Quartz heart necklace that I bought. Upon wearing it, I immediately sensed its energy, which brought self-love, confidence, and forgiveness. My crystal collection journey started by exploring various parts of the world and gathering crystals from local shops. Feeling deeply connected, I delved into learning about the healing properties of crystals. Enrolling in a course on the Power of Crystals with Rebbetzin Orit Esther Riter, I was inspired to further my knowledge by taking an energy healing course. Working with friends and family, I witnessed the positive impact of crystals and energy work.
Traveling and experiencing diverse crystal shops motivated me to establish a clean and kosher store in my community, providing a welcoming space for people to access natural healing resources. With the guidance of Hashem, we have witnessed numerous beneficial outcomes from both crystals and energy work. Drawing upon my gained knowledge, Trove came to fruition.
With Love,