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Cats Eye Chrysoberyl - Hand Pendant Necklace

Cats Eye Chrysoberyl - Hand Pendant Necklace

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Handmade pendant silver 925 set with Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl  
3 mm round cabochon

Cat’s Eye gemstone is one of the most popular gemstone among people belonging to the business field as it has been said that the gemstone carries a properties that enhances the financial status of an individual. The gemstone also provides protection against any kind of losses and enhances the power, wealth as well as power status of the individual who wears it. It acts as a security agent against all kind of evil power as well as obstacles such as the ill effect of the  

Cat Eye gemstone is very powerful and is much affordable if compared to the other gemstones. Chrysoberyl is the other form of this gemstone, which is much expensive as compared to Cat’s Eye gemstone. This is considered as the perfect gemstone for individuals belonging to the field of any kind of business as it helps in attracting as well as protecting money or wealth. It also provides protection against the loss of wealth as well as any kind of negative energy or evil power.  

Many of the crystal experts are using this gemstone for healing purpose. 
It is very good in establishing harmony and peace by inducing positive energy from it. As, it is golden in color it is also been getting connected with wealth. The Cat’s eye gemstone helps an individual o enhance their self-control and achieve excellence in their field by improving the concentration power of the wearer

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