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Citrine Faceted 31" Necklace Multi Wrap Bracelet 3MM

Citrine Faceted 31" Necklace Multi Wrap Bracelet 3MM

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Citrine is known for its ability to energize all aspects of life. It effectively  enhances intuition. This powerful crystal is also believed to attract wealth, success, and overall prosperity. Its properties can bring feelings of joy, wonder, and enthusiasm, while also boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. Additionally, Citrine can stimulate the brain and improve intellect, promoting motivation, creativity, and self-expression. It is also known to enhance concentration and rejuvenate the mind. This versatile stone can release negative emotions and thoughts, such as depression, fears, and phobias, making it emotionally balancing.

Moreover, Citrine is believed to reinvigorate the body and mind, and can even help balance chemical imbalances and reverse degenerative diseases. It has been beneficial in treating diabetes, as well as digestive, kidney, bladder, and eye problems. Citrine's detoxifying properties can improve blood circulation, activate the thymus, and balance the thyroid.

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