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Golden Rutile Bracelet 8MM

Golden Rutile Bracelet 8MM

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This high-quality Golden Rutile bracelet of 8MM beads is perfect for anyone looking to benefit from the healing properties of rutile quartz. It helps to balance the body's natural energies, promoting well-being and relaxation.

Rutilated Quartz is a powerful spiritual tool, enabling deep soul-cleansing and aura-energizing. It helps to eliminate negative energies and past traumas, shielding from the malice of others. This stone can trace and solve problems’ root causes, making transitions and significant shift of direction easier. It is known to even out dark moods and provides an uplifting effect, while relieving fear, phobia and anxiety. On top of that, Rutilated Quartz relieves from mercury poisoning, assists in healing chronic conditions, enhances fertility and cures exhaustion. Finally, it can be used to treat respiratory tract and bronchitis, and helps to regenerate cells and restore damaged tissue.


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