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Iolite Bracelet 3-4mm

Iolite Bracelet 3-4mm

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This bracelet features healing properties derived from 3-4MM Iolite beads.

Iolite is known as a sight stone, clearing mental patterns and enhancing intuition. It supports personal development by aiding in the understanding and release of addictive tendencies. By promoting self-expression and reducing external expectations, it cultivates authenticity. Iolite also fosters harmonious relationships by encouraging self-responsibility and overcoming codependency. With its properties for increasing physical strength, it can help eliminate fatty deposits and reduce the effects of alcohol while supporting liver detoxification and regeneration. Additionally, it has been used to treat malaria, fevers, and bacterial infections. Iolite is particularly beneficial for the pituitary gland, sinuses, and respiratory system, offering relief to those who suffer from migraines.


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