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Labradorite Faceted Necklace 2MM

Labradorite Faceted Necklace 2MM

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Labradorite is an incredible companion to have during times of change, as it provides strength and perseverance. It also has the ability to balance and protect the aura, promote higher consciousness and ground spiritual energy. By enhancing intuition, Labradorite boosts creativity and encourages the development of new ideas. Additionally, it can help dispel fears and insecurities, and promote self-confidence and trust in the universe.

Labradorite can alleviate anxiety and stress, stimulate mental acuity, and treat disorders of the eyes and brain. It also balances hormones, relieves menstrual tension, and regulates metabolism. In addition, it can help with conditions such as colds, gout, and rheumatism, while also lowering blood pressure and aiding digestion.

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