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Rhodonite Rough 68g

Rhodonite Rough 68g

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Rhodonite is a compassion stone that promotes emotional balance by clearing away past wounds and nurturing love. It is known for stimulating and activating the heart, as well as grounding energy and balancing yin-yang energy. This stone can aid in achieving one's full potential and healing emotional shock and panic. Additionally, Rhodonite is beneficial for emotions related to self-destruction, codependency, and abuse. It also encourages self-love and forgiveness, and helps to remain calm in challenging situations. Furthermore, it builds confidence and alleviates confusion. Rhodonite has been said to relieve insect bites and reduce scarring, as well as support bone growth and the hearing organs. It is also thought to stimulate fertility and treat various physical conditions, such as emphysema, auto-immune diseases, stomach ulcers, and inflammation of joints and arthritis.


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