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Shungite Tumbled Stone

Shungite Tumbled Stone

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Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that's believed to have healing properties for both the mind and body. It has been used in Russian medicine for centuries due to its high carbon content making it extremely good for purifying water (its highly porous surface area can absorb and filter impurities).

In terms of physical health benefits, shungite is thought to help with detoxification by removing harmful toxins from the body through its powerful antitoxic effect.

Emotionally speaking Shungite may help protect against negative energies coming from electronic devices like smartphones or computers by absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Additionally it might promote mental clarity as well as emotional stability while aiding one find inner peace & balance.

Overall Shungite provides a potential shield against various environmental hazards whilst also offering protection against EMF radiations thus promoting better overall wellbeing.

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