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Smoky Quartz Tower

Smoky Quartz Tower

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Smoky Quartz is a highly effective grounding stone. This crystal has the unique ability to neutralize negative energies and purify all levels of being. By stimulating digestive elimination and shielding against radiation and electromagnetic pollution, Smoky Quartz promotes overall well-being. Emotionally, it brings a sense of peace and stability, dispelling fear and lifting depression and negativity. As a natural stress reliever, it encourages positive thinking and action, while easing anxiety and suicidal tendencies. Smoky Quartz also aids in concentration and communication, making it a valuable tool for solving communication difficulties. Furthermore, this crystal helps relieve pain in the back, abdomen, hips, and legs, as well as cramps and muscular spasms. It supports the reproductive system, strengthens the heart and nerves, and helps regulate bodily fluids and mineral absorption.

Approx 125-175g

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